Registered Charities/Non-Profit Organizations
NW Insurance offers a comprehensive insurance package exclusively to Non-profits and Charitable Organizations. We provide insurance protection for:
  • Property Insurance
  • Crime Insurance
  • Directors’ & Officers’ liability Insurance
  • Special Events liability Insurance

Please see our Resources page for Fax-Back Application Forms.

Claim Examples

Similar to commercial enterprises, non-profit organizations face a variety of risks that can result in various claim situations.  Property may be damaged or impaired by some unfortunate peril.  Crime or infidelity may result in fiscal losses.  Actions alleging negligence may be brought which cite injury, damage or harm to others (third parties).

Property Losses
Damage or impairment of property can be quite extensive and these risks are often overlooked entirely or with the full potential for severity unappreciated.  When arranging insurance, protection to property risks should not be discounted.

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Crime & Fidelity Insurance
Incidents can range from pilfering, robbery or burglary by thieves to theft, absconding or other dishonest acts of employees or directors.

Legal Liability Insurance
Law suits although infrequent can be devastating to an organization in terms of monetary loss as well as other adverse affect such as damage to its reputation, distraction from its purpose and loss of its public goodwill.  For these reasons alone, reducing liability risks should be a high priority with everyone.  However, regardless of attentiveness and diligence, circumstances can still arise.

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Business Insurance
NW Insurance offers business and Commercial insurance products:
  • manufacturing insurance
  • building ownership insurance
  • retail & professional services insurance
  • contractors insurance
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