Property Losses – Sample Claims 
Damage to property can be very costly to an organization in both direct and indirect losses.  While direct property loss is usually easily recognized as a possibility that warrants insurance protection, indirect losses often require greater forethought.  With this in mind, it is important to acknowledge and appreciate the insight of your insurance professionals by willingly accepting their expertise for review and consideration.

Important Records Stolen
An executive director's car being stolen seemed like the major part of the problem until it was realized that the organizations membership list, financial records and other information had been taken.  For whatever reason, the executive director had both hard copy as well as electronic (stored in a laptop computer) in the vehicle at the time of its disappearance.

Roof Collapse
A Boy's & Girl's club was put out from its weekly activities at the gymnasium in a local school when the weight of ice and snow caused a partial collapse.  Although the club did not have any belongings damaged, it suffered financial loss via the refund of dues to members when its organized activities had to be cancelled.

Water Damages Office
An organization's head office suffered substantial damage when water suddenly escaped from a broken pipe.  In addition to the loss of computers and other electronic equipment, many documents and records were heavily damaged.  The overall claim for costs to replace equipment and reconstruct documents were worsened by the additional expenses incurred to stay as functional as possible as outsourcing of extra help and some staff overtime was necessary.

Note: Some of the above examples may be generic in nature, applicable to all classes of business - not specifically non-profit organizations.

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